Suunnittelijakuvaus: Lisette-Maria Puhalainen

Lisette-Maria Puhalainen
jalkine / footwear

Nordic Reflections

White is not only a color. White is also a symbol. For me white represents purity and innocence.  It seems so fragile sometimes and often gets dirty very easily, but it’s a good thing because you have to take care of it and hold it really carefully. At the same time white expresses power and strength. It is powerful to see somebody dressed totally in white, somebody who will do it with noble pride. White is pureness but it is far from boring. This color do not need any other color because it will say more than 1000 words alone. Some people say that white is not a color but as far as I am concerned white is the mother of colors. And one really important thing is that white always represents peace and abundance. God is often seen as pure white light, also the angels and in the human kingdom bride at the wedding! White is snow on top of the mountains, our beautiful smiles, clouds in the sky and hope. White for me is pure inspiration and it is minimalistic future color.

Minimalism is another concept I fancy. It is so beautiful to see when less is used in full. Minimalism is also really pure, that is why white is a good color for minimalism. Especially I admire minimalist architecture and from it I drain most of my inspiration and thoughts. And when the building is of rocks, then awe consumes me. Rock in the river, on the road, used in architecture, minerals in the mountain. In this case color doesn't matter. Rocks and minerals are one of the most interesting things for me. Every rock is different, interesting in their own silent way. They can change in time. Rocks and minerals are strong, full of beauty and good energy. Unfortunately I can’t say that about all new materials. But there are also many new materials that are fascinating. I really like to try all kind of techniques and materials, find a new ways to do things and explore by myself. This is also the way how I learn the most, figure out things by my own.

Sometimes I feel that I am always searching for something. I often look for new people, from whom I can learn something unknown to me or feel new emotions thru their very presence. Meeting with people makes me a better person and also a better designer. Furthermore I discover new materials like an explorer discovers new worlds.  I love to integrate different materials together, even if it seems impossible. But there are always nay sayers, I prefer not to listen to them, only if for constructive criticism. To sum up, one always have to try, otherwise one will never know.                                                                                    

My material use and inspiration can be seen in my previous works what I have done in Estonian Art Academy. I have studied there during last two and a half years. I can say that I ended up studying leather designer almost accidentally, suppose some people call it faith. I am glad that things went how they went because I am really happy about what I do, how I do it and who I am in this now. I am always inspired and full of energy when it comes to shoe or bag design. I enjoy this miraculous progress of making one material blend with other, to integrate and combine. I enjoy what I do mostly because I can see so very closely how piece of material is transformed into something utterly different than it was originally and this is pure creation.

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